We talk a lot about fashion – of course, we are a fashion blogazine after all! But talk is cheap, what really gets the point across is an image. The old adage is true: a picture IS worth a thousand words, especially in a visual industry such as Fashion and Beauty. One can talk about a dress, or a new trend in hair-styles, or the wonders of lotion that makes your skin as smooth as silk – until blue in the face, but what really gets the point across is a beautiful photograph.

Of course it’s not enough to just take a quick picture of an outfit on a mannequin, what really appeals to the heightened senses of the consumer is a wholly produced feature. This means: the right concept, the right setting, the right photographer, model, design, styling et.al. In the end, when it all comes together it is not just a pretty shot – it’s art! You can see this in brand advertising, magazine fashion spreads and of course blogs (the good ones).

Daphne Guinness models for Steven Klein for Vogue Italia

Dreed*Tea is starting a new feature – highlighting outstanding (very good OR very bad) fashion photography, be it from photographer’s portfolio, a magazine (which we have done before here, not the most positive review) or another blog.

To start us off is June Shor Photorgaphy, she happens to be a great photographer and friend. Her photography is crisp and powerful, and her woman is strong and commanding even in the most intimate and delicate setting, she is certainly no “fashion” victim! One craves to be the woman in her shots.

June graduated the Minshar School Of Art in Tel-Aviv in 2011, and is currently working as a photographer and is continuing her ongoing photography project which has already been exhibited in Israel and Europe.


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