Even if you don’t live in a warm climate, by now you must be feeling the warm rays of Spring. Your spirits are lifting and the gloomy “winter” depression is quieting down. We have something that will help kick it to the curb- all for under $100. BEST. DEAL. EVER!

We all know that the simplest way to update one’s look is with accessories – jewelry being the most fun and expressive of them all. A punch of color, after a long dark season of winter grays, puts a smile on everyone’s face. So for our next flash sale, opening April 18th, we have combined infusion of color with jewelry, the instant wardrobe rejuvenator, in the most cheerful and amusing way.


We present to you Lilla My– candy colored jewelry line, inspired by London street style and Pop Art, designed with humor by Natalie Motli. The Pop art touches come through in the subjects of each collection, be they Alice in Wonderland characters, animals or simply the exaggerated shapes of the pieces. This lighthearted jewelry is perfect for breezy spring days.

The jewelry is all handmade, so each item is unique and is made with attention and love. Various metals are used in creating the pieces such as silver and 24 carat gold plated brass which are combined with enamel, plastics, beads, game pieces, even toys and prints.

In just 1 day, on April 18th, you will be able to purchase your own Lilla My Jewelry. Before then sign up here for notifications, so you never miss out on – ever!

About the Designer:

In the heart of Southern Tel Aviv lies an insanely adorable, super creative, beyond inspiring little workshop and this is where all of the Lilla My pieces are created. Designer Natalie Motlis started out with an eye on a career in marine biology but after living in London for a few years and gaining inspiration from the rich culture, vibrant street style and lively markets of the city she decided to pour her creative energy into jewelry design. In 2006 Natalie returned to Israel and launched her line of bracelets, pendants, earrings and necklaces to immediate praise and success. Lilla My jewelry combines the best of urban street style, pop art and humor. Each piece contains unique details and is made by hand using a variety of metal materials mixed with plastic parts like beads, game pieces, toys and enamel. So, class, what have we learned? A loss for biology is a win for the rest of us!(description by Meredith Paskowitz)


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