Dreed*Tea was on the scene at the Holon Fashion Week Opening night. Dreed dressed in a decidely look (the thrifted version for under $100- too bad we didn’t get a pic of the sky high wedges and flared jeans), Tea in a Mandika dress and HOKO jacket and Maya Shalev bag and headband, and Sonya in a DVF dress (of course!) and Marc Jacobs bag. We got a kick out of how different each of us dressed that night and represented diversity of style.

Upon entering we snapped pics of the exhibition items. See the Medusa bags?!

Castro had their new bike collection on display, while Sonya and Tea aren’t bikers, Dreed wants this bike! It’s only 990NIS!
Castro mini fold up bike with basket

We had drinks and fun with our blogger and designer friends….

Morgane (pictured center of Daina and Sonya) from The Leopard Legs (whom also stars in our Roni Kantor Photoshoot)

And Roni Kantor (left), you looked gooood girl!

We met Mali Hollander with her own “Malinca” hand bag designs:

We were also happy to see familiar faces and friends there like Einat from Design Break (who wrote about the artists that produced the marketing materials here), The lovely Medusa duo, and designer Nataly Elian of Naftul, and finally we got to meet face to face with people we enjoy tweeting with Simona Kogan and Hilla Ohayon. Sorry we didn’t get photos girls!

Opening speeches from the guests

The week presents an all-star International cast of heavy hitters that will head panels we would kill to be at: Zac Posen, Stephanie LaCava, Imran Amed, Ron Arad, Marc Worth, Amber Anderson, Alexandra McGuinness, and Yuli Ziv. All of the guests were so sweet and happy to be here, in Israel, and seemed very approachable the instant we heard how passionate they are about the growing fashion scene in Israel and their excitement about the new digital wave of fashion.

You can see photos of fashion’s finest and some ladies wearing outfits that fashionably show off their underwear on Fashion Forward.

The “digital” breeze of the new frontier in fashion could really be felt. We were squealing inside (and out) with excitement that prominent industry experts came to visit little ‘ol us and share their thoughts!

We are very interested in the panel to be given by Yuli Ziv because she heads Style Coalition and inspired Dreed*Tea’s creation of our recent Blogger Campaign / designer spotlight with Roni Kantor. We are also very impressed that she released a book “Blogging your way to the Front Row“. Oh yeah and the fact that she’s from Israel! We wish we got to meet you last night Yuli!

The event was a success for the Dreed*Tea Team, in short, we were glad to be a part of it all! And we hope next year WE are invited to head a panel 😉


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