I fell in love with An’ka’s tee designs and bought the two pictured below, now here’s what I wish I had to go with ’em! All Israeli designers, some available for shipping internationally and buying online, details below!

1. Ishtar Fashion House (top and mini skirt) http://www.ishtar-tlv.com // 2. Frog “Octopus” scarf- http://www.frogaspect.com (also available Internationally from http://telavivcouture.com get 10% off with code: LOVETLV) // 3. Ruby Star “Timekillers bracelet” http://www.rubystar.co.il // 4. Me-Dusa “Manta Ray bag” http://www.me-dusa.com // 5. An’ka “Diamond horses tank” $43 http://www.senseofashion.com // 6. Ruby Star “Mesh necklace” http://www.rubystar.co.il // 7. Gusta long black maxi skirt http://gusta.co.il // 8. O-Shan “Simple Geometry ring” http://o-shan.com // 9. Ugly Duckling by Gal Angel http://www.gal-angel.com // 10. Coupleof Shoes Summer Collection album on Facebook // 11. Gusta pale pink skirt http://gusta.co.il // 12. Eva Sugar leather bracelet http://www.etsy.com // 13. An’ka “Endless Quest top” $43 http://www.senseofashion.com


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