What was just supposed to be a quick 2 day stop in NYC before catching my flight back to Israel turned out to be a fabulous fashion week party! I arrived at my longtime friend’s Manhattan apartment to find him accompanied by two fashion week-ista’s. What girl wouldn’t be in heaven? Gay men, NYC, Fashion Week, partying, and shopping of course!

Meet the dynamic trio: Av, Liaam, and Cameron. Av is among being photographer- A true designer (Brand: Strategy, Marketing, Design) and has worked with some of the most famous companies on earth.

Liaam and Cameron may have been born men, but trust me- they can wear heels, mascara, and hairspray better than most of us women!

Bragging rights

Cameron and Liaam never have enough to brag about and find themselves witnessing a slip and fall at Monique Lhuillier, sitting behind Joan Rivers and LaLa Vasquez in second row at DvF, spying Danielle Staub at Venexianna, or snapping a pic with Kelly Osbourne. If that wasn’t enough, Cameron also filled me in about his experience interning at People’s Revolution PR firm under Kelly Cutrone.

Of course this duo are constantly getting snapped and questioned for fashion blogs like Spottin Style, Refinery 29, and Where did u Get That.

Liaam’s beauty tips

Getting primped has never been more fun than with these two as we figured out what to wear and as Liaam taught me some killer beauty secrets I never would have discovered on my own– look this guy up for glamorizing your next fashion shoot!

Beauty tip 1: You can actually curl your hair with a flat iron! By taking a thin flat iron and straightening a small section in a inward motion towards my face and then flipping it from the root in the opposite direction- I can bring out that beach-y waved look from my flat locks.

Beauty tip 2: Eyelash fibers! Instead of falsies there is actually a product out there that looks like a tube of mascara but it’s actually dusty particles of dry fibers. When you coat this over freshly applied mascara you will literally see your lashes grow in front of your eyes! Top with another coat of mascara. (Who knew?!)

Beauty tip 3: Root Booster Powder! Liaam introduced me to Got 2 Be root boosting powder which once sprinkled into your roots and working in with your fingertips, creates a cool sensation, and literally- you watch your hair plump up. Tousle your hair around and it will STAY! (I also learned that mousse is my new best friend)

I looked up to these towering beauties whilst running around the city with our own personal photographer (Av)- always hovering to capture the moment. I compiled the photos in a video below set to our declared “theme song” of our festivities- “Glitter” by Bastards of Funk & Sonic Union.

I always say everyone in New York thinks they are living in a movie, and for these two days I felt like I was too. Here’s to New York City- where queer fairy god mothers can get you to the ball after all!

But seriously, what do you think of what I WORE? Tell me in the comments below. Should I of worn something different? could I of styled it better? Go on, set me STRAIGHT (giggle giggle).

Be sure to check out the Instagram style snaps of kind people I met at Fashion Week here.


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