If you watch our Facebook page like a hawk, you may recall we proudly announced that our first report as Indie Fashionista contributor, aired on Curated Israel. Now we introduce you to the trusted luxury goods connoisseur behind it all, Diane Kaston. We look forward to exchanging the secrets of Israel in both Indie and Luxury goods.


Diane Kaston is Head Curator of a brand new site “Curated Israel”, where you can learn about and shop for the best of the best luxury products Israel offers today. From renowned furniture designers Kastiel to expert jewelers such as Eva Suosana and innovative wearable art such as the Frau Blau designs, Diane knows how to pick ‘em and bring them to your doorstep through www.CuratedIsrael.com.


Pictured above: just a few of the fashion ’boutiques’ one can shop on the site.

Diane is no stranger to beauty. She was born into a world of design that inspires and drives her work to this day. Her father whom lived to be 100 years old, Henryk Kaston, was a holocaust survivor who bridged the worlds in which Diane was raised. He came to New York after the war to create a beautiful new life for his family. As a famous violinist at the Metropolitan Opera House, he was also an expert jeweler to the super stars of the Opera of the time. He crafted jewels for opera performers and was a custom bejeweled bow designer. He crossed paths with the likes of Albert Einstein and collaborated on jewels with Salvador Dali. His renowned work included designing pieces for the actress who played Madame Butterfly at the opera!

Diane’s experiences have also given her a rare and keen perception, enhancing her talent as curator. Where others see simple beauty in design, Diane sees beyond it, into the story of where and by whom it was made, how it fits into history and its relevance today.


Sitting down with her makes the figures her father collaborated with in days gone by seem more close and real than ever in our time. Her childhood experiences have definitely shaped the fascinating person and curator she’s become.

Diane is very aware she grew up in the red velvet curtain world of New York Opera life. Her childhood was filled with tutus, tiaras, trips to Europe and beautiful jewels hand crafted by her father. Eventually, the young girl who performed in the ballet grew up and realized that all of the world’s reality was not so charmed.

This awakening became the driving force for her work today. Diane places just as much importance on charity as on the thrill of buying beautiful art. Each one of her CuratedIsrael designers chooses a charity of their liking and gives equal visibility and emphasis to the cause.

Diane celebrates at her launch party with all of her designers featured on CuratedIsrael

Diane celebrates at her launch party with all of her designers featured on CuratedIsrael

There’s no doubt Diane knows how to pick a fabulous piece of art and recognize its history, emotional value and unrequited quality. On their trips to Israel, her acquaintances regularly seek her advice on where to shop for that special piece of art that will carry a memory of a lifetime. Launching ‘CuratedIsrael’ was a very organic process for her once she understood the level of trust people place in her.

Today, Diane splits her time between her rent-controlled New York City apartment (which she will cling onto for dear life — but don’t tell her, it’s actually her cat “Bouba’s” place and Diane is lucky enough she lets her stay there) and her apartment in Neve Tzedek, the eclectic neighborhood where she does her curation work and keeps up with Israel’s blossoming fashion world. Her passion for curation and high standards makes her one of our favorite Dreed*Tea profiles. Check her out at www.CuratedIsrael.com.


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