We have admired Korin’s style ever since we discovered her blog, Ya Salam, 2 years ago. Korin’s quirky style always hits the spot, and “Ya Salam” has become a popular Israeli fashion blog because of it. We met with her this summer for an intimate interview and photo-shoot, modeling some of her favorite pieces. To be completely honest, we just really wanted to see inside her closet.


Since the interview Korin got married! We present this interview in honor of her recent nuptials:

D*T: When did you get into fashion?
Korin: I think I was born with the “fashion bug”. My mum always tells me the story of when I was 2 years old, I showed up in the living room wearing pink underwear and pink rain boots and asked everyone what they thought of my matchy outfit.

1 collage
Dress- A+, Jacket- Aderet, Shoes- Zara A+ store is right next to my house so I buy dresses there from time to time, as I am a big dresses addict! I love to wear lavender in summer time, and when I saw this one in the window I knew I would feel so fresh in it. The jacket I bought for 70NIS ($20) in a vintage store, I saw it and thought: “One can’t have too much sparkle in her life, so why not!”

D*T: When and why did you start the Ya Salam blog?
Korin: I had been thinking about starting a blog for years but never got around to it, finally 2 years ago I met a boy, which led to a relationship and then a break up, which led to a great “break up” dress; this experience spurred me to start my blog. You can read the full story here, on Ya Salam.

D*T: You also recently started a wedding blog called KULULUSH. Tell us about it and how did it come about?
Korin: I recently became engaged, and since I am spending so much time doing/thinking/living wedding stuff, I decided why not start a blog about it. I’m designing my wedding myself and have so much to share, KULULUSH is all about the fun and funny part of getting married.

2.1 collage
Jeans- Vintage from London, Top- Dolce and Gabbana, Accessories- My private collection, Shoes- Joseph I got this shirt from a French friend of mine that knows how much I love fashion with a twist.

2.2 collage

D*T: When did you start collecting clothes, shoes and jewelry?
Korin: OMG since I can remember myself!

D*T: What do you most enjoy shopping for: clothing, or assessors, or shoes? New or vintage?
Korin: For sure – SHOES!! I CAN’T EVEN TELL YOU HOW I LOVE SHOES! Whenever I need a boost or want to console myself I go shoe shopping. In terms of the type of shopping experience – I love vintage shopping, but my closet is all about cool combinations of new and old.

3 collage
Skirt- Vintage from Japan, Print tee- Flashback, Shoes- Primark London, Shades- Erroca I got the shades as a present from Erroca and I wear them all the time, just to make every outfit a fun one.

D*T: Do you have any crazy fun stories about how you came to own some of your pieces?
Korin: YES! Once I was shopping online with my friends, and found the most amazing and expensive shoes EVER!!!! I fell in love, and put them on my ebay list to buy in the future, but all of a sudden it said that the shoes were sold. My friends and I thought there must have been a technical screw up. Only after some serious digging we understood that I had mistakenly bought the shoes myself, as “commit to buy” on ebay is same as purchasing the item immediately. So I had to pay an arm and a leg for the shoes, but man were they worth it!!!

4 collage
Crop top- Kasima, Pants- Cloe vintage, Shoes- Twenty Four Seven I am in love with the vintage shop Kasima on Nachlat Binyamin St, when I want to treat myself I go there.

D*T: Do you mostly shop in Israel or abroad?
Korin: I shop here and there, but mostly abroad. I travel a lot, so I have the opportunity to shop all over the world.

D*T: Tell us your favorite places to scout for pieces, in Israel and abroad.
Korin: Abroad its SELFRIDGES in London as well as vintage shops on Brick Lane, I also love to shop in Screaming Mimis in NYC. In Israel it’s vintage shops, such as Theodora and July boutique. I’m also addicted to Anaelle Levi (who by the way is designing my wedding dresses) she brings something different to Israel, some exotic inspiration that’s very unique and sexy.

5 nonecollage
Bathing suit- Bezalel Market, Cover-up/Jacket- Yad Shniya on Sheinkin St, Shoes- Barbara Bui I got the top for my 31st birthday, and the shoes as a treat for my 1 year blogging anniversary.
5 Collage

D*T: On Ya Salam you cover various fashion weeks that you travel to, tell us about those experiences?
Korin: Milan Fashion week was my favorite blogger travel experience, I had a great time and couldn’t believe I was sitting in the front row at shows with all the editors and designers.
I had been invited by Moschino to visit, and end up going to all kinds of different shows and meeting fashion industry insiders and leaders, including one of my idols: ANNA DELLO RUSSO.

D*T: Tell us what’s in-store for you in the future.
Korin: I have a lot of dreams (others might say plans) for myself, but not sure what will happen…. I like to surprise myself!

6 collage
Skirt- H&M new collection, Top- Vintage, Shoes- Primark I got this skirt from H&M for my ‘Save the Date’ shoot in August. I was able to get my hands on it early as the collection did not come out till September.

A big fat CONGRATULATIONS to Korin on her recent wedding! We wish you and your new husband much joy in your life together. And may you continue to be the fabulous fashionista as a wife, as you have been as a singelton.

Makeup: Sara Rutstein
Set Decor: Kelim Shluvim – rugs and stuffed owels
Photography: Michell Halpern (of Dreed*Tea)
Styling and set design: Korin and Sonya Golod (of DreedTea)


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