Maya Negri’s Summer Collection brings Tokyo inspired nuances to airy silhouettes that give breathing space to the body with innovative proportions! Imported fabrics from Japan such as linen, cotton, and silk provide the thin and airy garment you’ll need in Israel’s heat. We think this collection has an item or two in it for any woman to feel impeccable in! (note: all prices are the original full price. Everything is now 30% off! See shop locations and info)

‘Benen’ jacket- 880 NIS
This jacket is a refreshing alternative to the blazer. It’s cropped length makes it perfect over a maxi. It also makes for a fine office companion- make your commute in sleeveless comfort and throw it on before entering the air conditioned office. Perfect for business!

It’s important to mention Maya Negri’s focus on empowering the female body in her latest work. We’ve noted in her blog post that her latest collection answers her own question “…how we can relate to our femininity through acceptance and not struggle…”. Negri goes on to explain how the construction of her garments “…respect the body and will give space to femininity…” because in the end “…every woman’s beauty derives from the person she is – of what she can convey and what she does convey…”. Our take?: It is difficult to let your true sense of style and beauty take the lead if wearing ill fitted clothes for your body type.

‘Jema’ Vest- 720 NIS
A vest goes far as part of your layering arsenal!

‘Kea’ Dress- 750 NIS
This adorable tent dress gives you a lot of comfort and freedom in the heat. Perfect dressed up with heels!

‘Elta’ Pants- 980 NIS
Chic and cool, just about everything you could wish for in a pair of Summer pants.

‘Leros’ Overalls- 450 NIS
A nice alternative to the Romper craze this Summer.

‘Karlita’ Tunic Dress- 750 NIS
A button up tunic dress will give you A LOT of mileage in your weardrobe. They can be styled in soooo many ways, it is truly a shape shifter that can take you from the beach to elegant evening.

‘Tida’ Shirt- 395 NIS
This ravishing neckline will have your loved one saying “You look ravenous!” (As in the Jonny Depp’s line from the movie, The Tourist)

‘Nidri’ Dress- 980 NIS
This stunning dress with defined collar is easily style-able for day or night!

‘Olin’ Shirt- 450 NIS, ‘Abela’ Panta- 950 NIS
Perfect shirt meets perfect pants for that easy go to casual yet sophisticated outfit.

‘Tinos’ Skirt- 720 NIS
This fun print looks funky enough for summer and style-able for winter too, with high boots.

Want to see more?

There are more discoveries in this collection, go see the rest! Full Maya Negri Summer Collection 2011

Want to buy something for 30% off?

If you gotta have what you’ve just seen, your’e in luck! Maya Negri just kicked off the Summer Sale and you can now enjoy a 30% discount on all clothing and accessories! See shop locations and info.


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