When the Cassidi Boutique Winter look book photos came across my desk, I was conflicted to share it on Dreed*Tea. The appeal factor of these photos are spot on– thanks to the colors, on trend styling, and twin models theme. At the same time, many things about these looks are spot off for me! In fact, dare I say it? I think this look book represents a lot of fashion faux pas big chains in Israel are making (yup, I dared done said it!).

Leggings are not pants!

I would never wear leggings as pants with a tight cardigan, though I see many women go like this– poor things, they didn’t get the memo: Leggings are not pants!

In fact, Cassidi should make like American Apparel did and place a warning label inside:

Tights are not pants!

Similarly, tights are not pants either! Nor are knee socks! Don’t wear these unless you want to be on Fashion Police’s “Starlet or Streetwalker?”. That cardi might be long, but you can’t fool me, that sucker will ride up as soon as you take a few steps! However I loved the on trend snake skin shoes (I wonder if Cassidi sells those?)

Extra points for Missoni inspired print

Secondly I would never wear a long sleeved maxi dress (too religious for me). I know what you are thinking- the first was too whorefying for me and now this is too modest for me?! Will anyone ever strike the right balance for me to be comfortable? Probably not, as this is coming from a girl who also wishes mini skirts hit 3 inches above my knee! I DO applaud the reference to Missoni (and I’m certain it’s way easier to get your hand on this dress than an item from the Target / Missoni collab nightmare). Cassidi’s stylist adds the on trend hat and this look works!

Making inexpensive basics look crave worthy

In this look, I’m not particularly fond of fabric for the dress or the cut of the sweater. They just don’t look like they would hold up well, and it’s too plain for me. However the color is very on trend and again styled so well with the fur and hats! It’s a good inspiration on how to dress up your inexpensive basics that probably won’t last more than a season. However those look like blue denim jeans? Can’t tell, but those are sooo on my list!

Seventies fur vest- LIKE!

The fur vest is super cravable this season, but I would of liked to of seen it styled more into the seventies style, which is where these fur vests really shine. Like with a maxi (or over the Missoni dress!). Overall these looks are toooo gray and lack color. Extra points for the gray cut out top- just wouldn’t wear it with those pants.

Perfect outerwear layers

I don’t have much criticism here, these jackets are perfect outerwear for a Tel Aviv Summer. I love the Victorian style on the right and the more streamlined version on the left is more basic.

Pleasantly Shocked!

We were really blown away by these. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but it’s a very couture runway look and we applaud Cassidi for being so daring! This is not your everyday trench, ladies!

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Price Range – 159-1100 ₪


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