On a “surprisingly” sunny winter day, we went to Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market area to visit Carmelita, shop of Naama Brosh, whose quirky chic pieces were still on our mind from the Accessories market.

Naama Brosh’s “Fauna & Flora” line is the result of a scientist turned jewelry artist. It’s a refreshing example not to hesitate to follow your passion. She’s quite an inspiration to us, because that is exactly what “DreedTea” is for us- switching gears and following our passion. Like Forrest Gump’s mother said, “life is like a box of chocolates you’ll never know what your going to get”.

Carmelita’s lovely logo design by Adi Dagan

We felt like kids in a candyland as we tried to figure out how to try on as much as possible. So let the story begin!

Each piece has such a personality of it’s own. Small thoughtful details cut the cuteness with a little edge, making it kick ass without the sugar rush.

We were deeply inspired by the jewelry and it gave us fresh inspiration to pull out from our own closet simple combinations we would normally find boring but the promise of wearing bright candy colors gave us unexpected imagination.

This elegant gold clockwork piece could be worn just as well with a cocktail dress as it can with this casual denim top.

This mixed pattern trend gets pulled together with bright yellow “Bakelite” (AKA high quality plastic material). This stuff is built to last.

A celebration of materials, this bag is actually a simple plastic bag for the market, but with felt accents it is transformed into a one of a kind item that puts a smile on your face. With Carmalita’s items we say more is perfect.

Let the hunt begin, gather those golden acorns!

Hungry for more?

We are too! We are heading to the shuk (open air market) nearby, and we’ll come back to show you the rest! (Look for “Carmelita’s Candyland Part Two”).

In the meantime, visit How to get Carmelita’s goods!

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