That’s right– A scarf and a necklace!
Dreed*Tea and Goldfish teamed up to bring you a sweet present to start off the new year warm and fashionable! This scarf sells for $75, and it could be yours– free!

See below for styling ideas on how to wear it!

Goldfish is a collaboration between Shira Paz and Sharon Goldman, graduates of the industrial design department of Shenkar College, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Together they created a hybrid between a scarf and a necklace out 100% Merino wool. In addition, each one is hand-made and hand-dyed, making every one a “one of”!

The necklaces closes around the neck with a magnet gold coated clasp, so they are an actual piece of jewelry. They are huge, impressive, and have presence! A refreshing upgrade to your every winter outfit.

Styling inspiration- how you can wear it:

Wear it with warm orange fall colors, we think it contrasts well!

Wear it on the side with jeans and a tee.

Wear it with all black.

Look at those colors!

Wear it long– Soft and cozy!

Now sign up to win it! (This baby is 290NIS/$75 full price- so best to win this fancy piece!)

Want to buy it?

Visit their Etsy store


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