Seriously what happened? Is it the economy?


This year’s MTV Video Music Awards broke us. We love fashion, and we can’t understand what went wrong. The VMAs are supposed to be fashion forward and fun, a celebration of the quirky side of Hollywood fashion, but instead we got boredom, yawns, and exposed lady parts- it’s so 2009.

Speaking of the past – TLC and Ashanti haven’t changed their style in a decade, and why would they: holding on to those glory days as long as they can!

TLC Ashanti

Speaking of Yawns – Jordin Sparks, Jennifer Hudson both of you are looking great, you deserve better (stylists).

Jordin Sparks Jennifer Hudson

Ciara and Rita Ora– what did the swans do to you to deserve this?

Ciarra and Rita Ora

Why do we need to see Lady Gaga‘s crotch protruding from the screen – haven’t we seen it enough? Why do we have the feeling that we recognize her butt cheeks better then her face? And as much as we try we can’t erase from our memory Miley Cyrus‘s get up.


Miley – the early 90’s called they want their outfit back. But seriously, where did you find the BeDazzler?!


And yes we got it you are all grown up, you certainly don’t need to prove it anymore! And for the love of god, can you PLEASE put your tongue where it belongs! From the Twitter frenzy it generated, you would think it has its own account.


Lil Kim‘s private parts were all over the place (as always). Some other skin offenders: Iggy Azalea, Erin Wasson. Even Snookie and JWow from The Jersey Shore in their prom circa 1999 dresses are a bit less assaulting on our senses, or are they?

Lil Kim 2 more

Jersey Shor

Best Dressed

All in all there were some rays of light shining through the dark – Holland Roden and Coco Rocha (but wasn’t it 5000 degrees outside?).

Coco plus 1

Taylor Swift (yes, she looked great). We applaud the departure from wispy bangs and shimmery taupe gowns.

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

Worst Dressed

Sarah Hyland– Somewhere in the world Wonder Woman is naked! Katy Perry – tell us the name of your new album?! Ohh yes, we hear you ‘ROAR’! P.S. your pinky toe asks to please never wear these shoes again.

Katy Perry Sarah

Is ALL creativity disappearing from Hollywood, what are we to expect in the future?

All images courtesy of E!Online and USA Today.


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