We first spotted a Medusa bag one and a half years ago in a Tel Aviv boutique, and it was love at first sight! It’s no secret were fans of Medusa. You can find them in our accessory market report and they were also featured in Carmelita’s post. Finally we got a chance to spotlight them, Dreed*Tea style!

There’s a lot to sea, so scroll under with me…

This soft clutch adds a sea of green to our classic outfit, it ties together well with our green top, but we break the velvet sea with pops of red and yellow necklaces. Check out the utilitarian buckle.

This masterpiece of a bag can carry everything you need for the day (and overnight) in style. This bag, my friend, is named “Whale“. If Hermon Melville was still alive, he would affectionately call this babe, Moby Dick.

Medusa uses PVC plastic as their weapon of choice. In order to create their signature flourishing patterns, they make like Laverne & Shirly and go to work in the factory, where they imprint their hand made molds. No two bags are alike, they are made with love.

You will sail to the sun with this bright yellow ‘hard clutch’ purse. Full speed ahead!

The uniqueness of Medusa’s accessories is how a industrial material can be manipulated into such a melting-ly soft, natural texture which adds dimension to your style.

The *new* ‘Manta Ray’ bag

We were thrilled to be the first to photograph their latest addition to the family, the half moon shaped bag- ‘Manta Ray’. We styled these new bags in three different ways… Classic black goes well with this monochromatic look and the yellow earrings and white stripes makes sure we don’t get lost in a sea of black.

This yellow Manta Ray bag adds sunshine to all your rainy days.

This white bag can brighten up your night and add a glow to your face, wherever you go.

Medusa’s ‘clear clutch’ series are the perfect finishing touch for a glamorous time, and can also be a wonderful alternative to leather for the animal lovers.

This same bag can be styled more casual with this motorcycle jacket for an urban look. We’re ready to rock the world!

If you haven’t noticed yet, most of Adi and Gili’s creations are inspired by the sea. Look at this shimmering pearl below- we are still using the base of the outfit seen earlier, but changed the color scheme with this silver clutch, blue ‘Medusot side necklace’, and bracelet.

Check out the duo’s latest creation from their submarine, the laptop case!

After a windy day, we warmed up with this cozy burgundy clutch and ‘India’ chandelier earrings– all blend well with a cup of coffee for our souls!

We wanted to unwind, so why not do it in style?

By style, we mean donning a striking custom made silver necklace made for performing artist Onili, which we think should be put into production ASAP– and a blue wallet purse, the perfect solution when you want to travel light.

These peachy colors are our latest obsession, and takes us to a blossoming citrus orchard– Vitamin C, here we come!

With their brand already selling overseas, we think Medusa will make tidal waves in the accessory fashion world, so step aboard!

Visit How to get their good’s!
You can learn more about Gili Rozin and Adi Singfer of Medusa in their interview with Einat over at DesignBreakOnline.com.


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