Daina Reed-Eiland

Founder, CTO, Head Editor

dainaWhen it comes to anything related to websites, Daina knows how to do it. She’s worked with, been hired by, and hired: usability experts, online marketing optimizers, coders, and programmers- so she’s been behind the scenes a long time coming. Her decade of geekery is brought to the Dreed*Tea business.

Daina comes from a background in web design (you can check out her stylish portfolio). She was also on the expert panel over at Concept Feedback, where she reviews website designs and gives a detailed audit on how to improve them. She stays up to beat on the best practices on digital marketing and website optimization.

Daina carries these skills into the fashion world and loves both fashion and design because she believes if you can design your environment, your waredrobe, and your website then you can control your life. Shhh…don’t tell her that’s just not true.