Montana Ice Cream parlor, a nostalgic piece of history (founded in 1960) served as the perfect backdrop for Roni Kantor‘s Vintage Inspired Clothing line. We took over the parlor for a day and re-captured the magic of this institution which was the very first to offer “American” soft serve ice cream aside arcade games- a fond memory among many.

Stepping inside Montana Ice Cream is like traveling back to the vivid 60’s, thanks to the original owners whom still run the place and preserved the original decor. The famous parlor also made it’s share of appearances into Israel’s cult classic movie series “Eskimo Limon“.

Watch the video and scroll down with us on a sentimental journey

Meet the bloggers:

Dreed*Tea rocked out with some of our favorite bloggers for a day of fashion and fun. Kantor’s streamlined revivals complete the playful atmosphere for each lady to show off how they would style the retro frocks. Each item can jive with your own style which create the color palette and patterns that retro hunters crave. So take a tour in each blogger’s unique post of of that day, enjoy the show!

Inna Gutman of Modaland

Visit her style blog at

Inna Gutman wearing Roni Kantor's Coral maxi dress

Morgane of The Leopard Legs

Morgane of The Leopard Legs

Visit her style blog at

Avital of Lilli Loft

Visit her style blog at

Daina of Dreed*Tea

All together

Run, don’t walk to Roni Kantor’s Store!


Production: Dreed*Tea team and Roni Kantor

Models: Daina Reed (link to, Inna Gutman (, Morgane Portheault Koresh (, Avital Veltz (

Photography: Michell Halpern (Dreed*Tea Team)

Production Assistant: Orly Kuperard

Hairstyling: Benny Zeevi

Makeup: Katharina Fahnl

Wardrobe: Clothes, bags, shoes (Roni Kantor) Accessories (Roni Kantor, Guy Gil)

Thank you: the owners of Montana Ice cream- Yeshiyahu Lichtenshtein & Yehezkel Birzon


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