Happy New Year!


When we think of New Years Eve, we think PARTY and SPARKLE! In fashion terms NYE stands for the most glittery outfit you will ever wear. What on other nights will be considered outlandish and “disco ball” like, on this night it’s JUST PERFECT!

But let’s be honest, there is no time left to go out shopping for something new and shiny for tomorrow’s celebrations, and who has the extra money for a new, sparkly outfit that will be worn only once anyway. But we just can’t help ourselves, we want something new, special and glitterastic!


So we have come up with a perfect, simple and quick DIY plan that will solve all our issues in one fell swoop: wear a nice outfit that is already in your closet – a little black dress perhaps, or may be a pair of skinny jeans and a fancy top, it’s your pick. And then add on accessories, not ones you purchased, ohh no, that would be too easy (and expensive). We will MAKE the shiny, sparkly accessories out of what you already own.

We can start off with glittery make up and nails! It’s minimal cost, if you don’t already own sparkly makeup or nail polish:
For tutorials on some of the below looks: Cheer Makeup 101, Babble, iVillage

sparkly eye makeup and nails

Now on to the DIY: besides your own accessories (that you don’t mind altering) you will also need glue and lots and lots of glitter and/or decorative crystals, and/or sparkly spray paint cans, all this is available in craft stores, home supply stores or in many “Dollar” stores. Spread the glue on whatever accessory you have chosen and then sprinkle the sparkles generously, let dry and shake off access. For crystals you have to be more precise with the glue and the crystals but you get the idea. For spay paint, cover the area you want to stay untouched and then you guessed it, just spray the rest.

Take a look at some examples (with links to tutorials) we have found of what you can create, it’s pretty awesome!


Glittery Flats, Glitter Heels, Glitter Toes, Crystal Heels, Glitter Boots

Glittery Shoes DIY


Glitter Clutch (big pic), Fold Down Glitter Clutch, Structured Glittery Purse, Glittery Bow Bag, Spray Paint clutch, Crystals Clutch

Glitter Clutch DIY collage


Gold Belt, Glitter Bow Belt

Glittery Belt DIY Collage


Star Headband, Bow Headband

Head Bend DIY Collage

Jewelry – this one you don’t have to DIY really, its already pretty sparkly on its own – thank goodness!:

Bejeweled Bib, Glittery Collar, Crystal CuffGlittery Mustache Necklace

Glittery Jewelry DIY Collage

Glittery Champagne bottles (from Evite)… how can you not!:

Sparkly champagne -how to


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